Lemon Torta Caprese

Lemon Torta Caprese is the variant of the famous Torta Caprese made with dark chocolate. In Italy it’s often called Torta Caprese Bianca (White Caprese Cake) and is made with white chocolate, almond flour and lemons. This cake was born in the Isle of Capri and its great peculiarity is that it’s a flourless chocolate cake.

Torta Caprese recipe, in addition to being one of the treasures of Neapolitan pastry, is also above all one of the first gluten-free cakes that have ever been produced!

Torta caprese has a low thickness, it’s crispy on the surface but soft and slightly moist inside.


• 200 gr= ¾ th cup + 2 Tbspn  of ground almonds

• 120 gr of 1 cup  of icing/confectioners sugar

• 100 gr =o.42 cup of extra virgin olive oil

• 180 gr=6.3 oz of white chocolate in bar

• 5 eggs

• 50 gr =1.25 oz of potato starch

• 60 gr =1/3 cup of classic granulated sugar

• grated peels of 2 fresh lemons not treated with leaves

• 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence or the seeds of 1/2 pod or 1/2 sachet of vanillin

• 5 gr =3 ½  tspn of baking powder for cakes

• 30 gr = 1 oz of candied lemon zest (optional)

• vanilla icing sugar to garnish

The perfect mold:

Quantity for 1 mold for 22 cm  for a pastiera that tightens on the base or a classic round mold of 20 – 22 cm (7.8 to 8.6 inch.)

The Caprese with lemon, as well as the Caprese chocolate cake, are made, according to tradition, in the pastiera mold. The one with flard edges 4 cm (1.5 inch) high. Alternatively, you can use a classic opening hinged cake pan or a silicone mold. It is important that the pan is perfectly buttered and then floured (even with only the starch) and that, whatever the mold, the dessert, once cold, is turned upside down! This is because the Capresi, have a completely flat and shaped surface!

The best lemons for an intense aroma:

Choosing the right lemons means guaranteeing a fragrant lemon caprese as in pastry! Lemons must be fresh ones with leaf. Lemons with branches are the freshest and still retain all their fragrance.

The original recipe of the master provides for the addition of candied lemon zest. They give the cake an extraordinary scent. But if you don’t like them, you can safely omit them.


Add the peeled almonds and icing/confectioners’ sugar in a mixer:

Operate a few seconds and let it pulverize:

Chop the white chocolate very finely with a large blade knife.

 Place the white chocolate obtained in the bowl or container, where you have placed the mix of almonds and icing sugar.

 Add the grated peel of the lemons, the starch mixed with the yeast previously. Turn.

Add the extra virgin olive oil and turn with a spatula, gently mixing the mixture.

 You will get a pasty and thick mixture.

Set aside.

 Whip the eggs with the granulated sugar and vanilla for at least 5′-6′, until the mixture is frothy, clear, tripled in volume.

Spoon the whipped eggs to the almond and white chocolate dough.

Mix with a spatula from bottom to top, slowly adding the egg mixture.

 the dough will be rather liquid and rich in very small pieces of chocolate and almonds! That’s right. Grease and flour (also with starch).

Pour the dough:

Bake in a previously heated oven at 200 °/390 °F for 5 minutes, without opening the door, lower the oven to 165 °/320°F and let your Caprese cook with lemon for another 45 minutes

After the cooking time, always do the toothpick test! the caprese with lemon must be moist inside, soft but not liquid!!

Take the cake out of the oven, let it cool for 10 minutes in the mold.

At this point you can unmold it, turning it upside down, on a serving plate or on a cake rack

Sprinkle with icing sugar and lift gently.

The original lemon Caprese, with an intense scent of lemons and white chocolate and ready to be enjoyed!

Perfect preservation of Caprese with lemon:

You can keep it at room temperature even 4 days. Better if under a cake bell! The Caprese with lemon does not go in the fridge at all! so be careful! But you can serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in summer!