Simonetta and I have been teaching Italian Cooking on-site/in person for more than 20 years and during these years many times, we received emails requesting other recipes, and other explanations. Somebody had done pasta with us and then wanted to prepare ravioli or gnocchi. Every time we realized that it would have been much better to work together on the recipe, but how so far away?

Easy answer: online. We started online classes trying to reproduce what we had already done at home for many years offering a tailored experience in a real local home.

A private class is a live class, which allows asking questions: this gives us the possibility to explain new recipes to whom has already been with us on site but also to food lovers who want to approach Italian cuisine or trained cooks who want to realise some particular Italian dishes without, before or after traveling to Italy. It’s a nice way to introduce ourselves to people who will travel to Italy and want the first approach with Italian cooking instructors.

We give suggestions about dishes we can cook together but we are available for requests.

We started this new experience by waking up early in the morning or going late to bed because of the time difference with other countries: never been an issue as it’s so entertaining to cook together with friends from all over the world. Our PC is in front of our stove, everything is set with professional lights and 2/3 devices to have different sights.

No more than an hour work together as our PC is in front of our stove but for other people, it can be a continuous run from one spot to the other, with attention to the screen and to the stove. An hour is enough to complete a nice tasty dish that will be perfect for lunch /dinner

It’s even funnier if there are relatives or friends cooking together from the same device (PC, Ipad ) or from different locations. We had birthday parties with friends and relatives from 8 different locations. The important thing is just to silence everybody here and then go on with the cooking.

Of course, we’ve had to perfect our recipes as we send a list of ingredients and tools before the event choosing always available ones, nothing too complicated. Anyway, participants can always contact us in advance for possible substitution.

And these zoom classes have taught us a lot, such as a pinch of salt is ½ tsp. and packaging is so different in every country. So easy to organize: we send a zoom link, participants click  and find themselves in our kitchen

We also repositioned the event knowing in advance.

Best of all, our classes have been a Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary/ Mother’s Day/ Father’s Day Gift.

Can you imagine how nice is to be a gift? Fantastico !!!

It is always so much fun because even being physically so far apart, we laugh and talk like old friends preparing the same delicious meal.

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