Ciao, buongiorno a tutti ,hello to everybody,

We are at the beginning of holiday party season.We’re inviting friends  but we’re busy  working, studying, organising many other events, preparing gifts  …Something simple but very festive ,you can set this Christmas tree on the table or add other savoury or sweet snacks : crostini ,or Chocolate pinecones (recipe here) or Panettone with sauces (recipe here)

Christmas Tree with Cheese

24 green olives

21 black olives

65/70 small squared pieces of hard cheese such as Asiago, semi-mature pecorino

1 large slice of the same cheese

20 grapes grains 

21 Cherry tomatoes

1 sprig Rosemary cut in 13 pieces

Half stock celery

Use a basic shape and proceed to the construction of the Christmas tree with a little patience

Realized tree is  cm 38 /15 inch high and  cm 30/ 12 inch wide.

On a cutting board or tray arrange the shape of the Christmas tree and begin to arrange the piece of celery vertically centrally as trunk and green olives horizontally as the beginning of the tree.

Proceed with a row of pieces of cheese, then tomatoes, cheese, grapes and then ending up high with tomatoes.

To make sure you keep a tree shape every now and then place the plastic shape on top so you can see if it is respected.

Star-cut a piece of cheese and place it at the top with an olive in the middle.

Place the pieces of rosemary on the sides for the effect of hanging fronds and a thread of black olives like garland.

And now next to it two crostini and a drink

Red Crostino

250 gr. / 9 oz. Crushed tomato

1 peperoncino( Italian chili pepper)or flakes

Salt and pepper

Mix all the ingredients in a small bowl.

White Crostino

4 oz grated  hard cheese( we use Pecorino/sheep cheese)White Crostino

Prepare a bechamel and melt  in it  the grated cheese

Spread the sauces on bread slices and if you like to complete  you can prepare a third green one with pesto.

And a drink

Campari Spritz

Ice cubes in the glass

5 parts of Prosecco

3 parts of  Red Campari

2 parts sparkling water or Spritz


Happy beginning of Holiday Season!