Quick Mini Focaccia

Personally I love making bread: taking my time, rolling and kneading the dough is a relaxing moment for me. I love leaving the dough to rise aside for long time, for hours and when it’s ready to enjoy its leavening. Sometimes we do not have enough time: friends are last minute joining for dinner and we don’t have enough bread : this is the time for quick mini focaccia.and we can personalize them.

For 12/20 Small Focaccias


400 g =2 cups 00 flour/all purpose flour + some more to work with

7g =2 tsp. dry yeast, active or instant (read instruction on the package) (pls. not the rapid-rise yeast)

10 g =2 tsp. sugar

1 tsp. fine salt

1 tbs. EVOO

225 ml =8 oz.=25 tbs.warm water (37-40°C)


1 tbs.EVOO

1 tbs.water

 To taste: Oregano, rosemary, tomato sauce, sesame, poppy, fennel, olives, oatmeal, coarse salt, soft cheese


1. Sift the flour into a wide bowl and stir in the yeast.

2. In the middle of the flour practice a hole and pour sugar, salt and oil.

3. Mix these ingredients adding the water a little at a time. 4. Work the dough on the floured table top for at least 5 minutes, spread it with your fists closed, rewind it and beat it on the table, until the liquid is completely absorbed. The use of a board scraper  is suggested.
5. Put the dough back in the floured bowl, place it to rise in a warm place, until its volume is doubled (40 minutes).

6. With the dough well leavened form a roll, divide it into 12 or 20 equal pieces and push each piece on the floured table obtaining small focaccias.
7. Heat the oven (electric: 200°C/400°F, ventilated: 190°C/380°F).
8. Mix 1 tbsp water and 1 tbsp EVOO

9. Place the focaccias on the oven tray lined with parchment paper, brush over the water and oil, 10.Sprinkle oregano or whatever to taste.

11. Cook the focaccias for about 10 minutes, in the middle of the preheated oven .

Serve them by themselves or stuffed with cheese, salami, bell peppers ,salmon or other.

Sprinkle them with dried herbs, sesame, peperoncino, cardamon ,tomato sauce or just EVOO and salt.

With whatever you like. They can be your focaccinas, your personalized mini focaccias.