The origins of Pandoro

The certain origin of pandoro is a commercial origin, born when Mr. Melegatti, then owner of a grocery store in the center of Verona, requests and obtains the patent certificate from the Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce of the Kingdom of Italy for his new confectionery invention, the Pandoro precisely. It was October 14, 1884.

To make it he had perfected a recipe that had been circulating among Veronese families for centuries, with many variations, a dessert that was often given the shape of an eight-pointed star. To redo that shape, Melegatti entrusted the realization of a design for a mold to an artist.

It was the beginning of something great

Pandoro in Italy today

Nowadays on Italian tables during the holidays there are always Panettone and Pandoro, artisan or industrial, and they are two desserts able to divide the opinion of our country in two.

Pandoro and Panettone are often the subject of creative recipes to be served. They are also perfect for recipes that aim to reuse and reduce waste

Mona Lisa Pandoro

We propose one of the many ways to serve Pandoro.

To give it a name we called it Mona Lisa because it was made by Gioconda.

Let me explain a little family history:

Leonardo’s famous painting represents Mona Lisa but in Italy, France, Spain we have always used her nickname La Gioconda, La Gioconde.

And the Pandoro that we present was quickly made by my daughter Gioconda, with the ingredients she prefers and so we have named it :Mona Lisa Pandoro.

Tomorrow prepare a John Pandoro, Katie Pandoro, Bhavika Pandoro or Aki Pandoro.



2 cups Whipped Cream


1 kiwi

1orange chocolate

grated cocoa powder

coconut powder

cake decorations

Cut the Pandoro into high slices and indulge yourself on each floor with a little cream and another ingredient of your choice, a sprinkling of chocolate and a sprinkling of coconut powder

Place the next layer by putting the tips so that they do not match each other. Continue like this until you finish the layers

Reassemble everything: here is a tasty Pandoro to serve.

Your Pandoro
If you have time, you can beautifully decorate it.
Share with all of us your Pandoro! How are you going to realize it?