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The New Year’s Eve menu, the so-called “New Year’s Eve dinner”, according to the Italian culinary tradition provides  the preparation of very tasty and sometimes elegant dishes to bring to the table, and some specifical ingredients rich in symbolism, such as lentils, grapes and dried fruit that bring abundance and prosperity during the year.

Are you still undecided about what to prepare for lunch or New Year’s Eve dinner 2023? Your guests have very different tastes and you want to strive to meet everyone’s needs. Here are 9 recipes that are right for you, including appetizers, first and second courses of fish or meat and, of course, dessert.As this is a meal that respects the order of an Italian menu.(click here for Italian meal structure ).

Some last minute ideas:Click on the names to get the recipes

Antipasto,i.e starter or appetizer

Fancy Healthy Lentils

Polenta Baskets

Savory Gourmet Panettone

Primo Piatto/First Dish

Absolutely Baked Pasta, to be prepared in advance even  for many guests

Secondo Piatto: Carne/Meat

Arrabbiata Bocconcini decorate also with pomegranate


Pomegranate & Cod

In the middle of the meal, as they did during Renaissance, refresh your mouth with a very small glass of Lemon sorbet


Homemade Chocolate and Parmigiano

Mona Lisa Pandoro

Some typically Italian recommendations for New Year’s Eve:

Eat lentils

The ancient Romans used to give loved ones a bag full of lentils as a sign of good luck. In addition, lentils reminded the ancient Romans of the shape of a coin.

Eat grapes

Since ancient times, grapes have always been a symbol of abundance. From this thought comes the famous proverb: “who eats grapes for New Year’s Eve counts the money all year round”…

Eat pomegranate

According to Greek and Roman mythology, the pomegranate was the plant sacred to Juno and Venus. It was therefore a symbol of fertility and wealth for their tasty red grains.

Eat Dried Fruit

A basket with mixed dried fruit represents security, prosperity and is a good antidote against bad luck.

Wear something red

the color red has always been associated with positive values such as power, health and fertility, since Ancient Rome


Have something red

Not surprisingly, even all red foods, such as chili are considered a lucky charm.

Toast with Spumante

(next to it a snack of Roasted Chickpeas)

Known everywhere, the tradition of toasting with sparkling wine on New Year’s Eve is one of the most welcome. The bottle must be uncorked at midnight and, to drive away bad luck, must make a big bang.

Even getting wet with sparkling wine behind your ears brings good luck.

We hope 2023 brings you lots of love, laughter , joy and good tasty healthy food !!!