Vin Brulé :Wine, sugar, fragrant spices. It is a hot drink that can be enjoyed on cold days to warm up a little, but it is also a way to experience the Christmas atmosphere

In Central Europe, Vin Brulé is consumed especially during Advent. In Italy, especially northern, it is found in Christmas markets, or, more generally, prepared by hand in pots or thermos and distributed to the public during the popular festivals of the winter period, including Carnival

How do you prepare vin brulé?

Simple, following the original recipe that varies depending on the area of origin.Vin Brulé is used by many as a remedy for colds and, not surprisingly, it is consumed mainly during the winter and in very cold periods. More or less alcoholic, one thing is certain: warming up with a glass of steaming Vin Brulé in hand can be considered one of life’s pleasures.

The origins of vin brulé

Vin brulè is one of the most popular winter hot drinks in Europe. In France, vin chaud is prepared with the addition of a drop of cognac. In England they call it mulled wine, flavored with orange, lemon, cinnamon, nutmeg, fennel seeds, star anise, cloves, cardamom and ginger. In Germany gluhwein prepared in much the same way.

The custom of sipping flavored wine is very ancient, it has gone through centuries of history and regions. In the Roman times it was prepared with wine, honey and saffron .In the Middle Ages it was offered at the end of the meal to guests. The origin of this drink seems to date back to the time of the brotherhoods of the friars, when the religious loved to delight in the preparation of infusions based on alcohol, herbs and spices. The recipe for this wine, literally “burnt”, has been handed down over the years without great variations: citrus, spices and red wine have remained the basic ingredients.  

Over time it has easily spread and has also reached Europe where it was consumed for its properties to fight colds and seasonal illnesses, but it was also a way to mask the taste of a not excellent or stored in poor condition wine

 Below is our version, which you can enrich according to your pleasure.

How to prepare Vin Brulé

This is the recipe of our family, perhaps a bit mixed because part of the family is from Piedmont and part from Veneto. The traditional recipe includes a good wine, Cabernet ,Sangiovese or Barolo 

Spices: some obligatory some of your choice.

If you have little time available, there are ready-made packages of spices to make mulled wine, packaged in practical filters (such as those of tea)

Ingredients x 4 glasses:

500 ml =2 cups full-bodied red wine

80 gr =3/8 cup of sugar or brown sugar

zest of 1 orange

zest of 1 lemon

5 cloves

Star of star anise

1 cinnamon stick


1/2 vanilla bean

2 cardamom seeds


Juniper berries

1/2 apple

Wash and dry the lemon and orange.

 With a sharp knife cut off the zest, being careful not to cut the white part, which would make the drink bitter.

Wash the apple and cut it into thin slices, keeping the peel

Start by inserting 4/5 cloves into the orange peel.

Put it in a pot together with red wine, sugar and other spices.

Heat over moderate heat for about 20 minutes.

When it is hot enough, remove from heat, strain and serve in glasses.

If you have little time available, there are ready-made packages of spices to make vin brulé, packaged in practical filters (such as those of tea)

How much alcohol does vin brulé make ?

The alcohol content of vin brulé depends on the wine you use which usually ranges from 11 to 14 degrees alcohol. However, it must be considered that the wine must be heated and above 80 ° C the alcoholic part of the wine evaporates.

Moreover, if it is kept on low heat for a medium time along the alcohol content decreases again.

Non-alcoholic vin brulé

Non-alcoholic vin brulé is made with  apple juice and for this reason it is often called brulè apple and is a real treat in Trentino Alto Adige.

Vin Brulé warms the hearts ! Salute !!!