How do you visit a winery in Tuscany ?

The possibility of a trip to Tuscany is certainly a great opportunity to learn more about the wines you hear so much about.

How much time to devote to this moment always depends on the interest that everyone has, but certainly visiting farms in Tuscany is always interesting because they are not only wine but also extra virgin olive oil and many are in beautiful ancient structures.

Many Tuscan farms are relatively small, many still family run, so  a good occasion to meet locals.

The possibilities are varied and you can choose one or every day a different one.

Walking Distance Wine tasting

If you are staying in a Tuscan  city  or in a small town in the Tuscan countryside, you will find beautiful places reminiscent of the old Enoteche (wine bars). You can taste wines from different farms and ask for information on the different productions

 As well  enjoy a tasting organized at restaurants combined with a full-course meal.

For instance if you are in Greve in Chianti you’ll enjoy the Enoteca Falorni,with their enomatic system

.Or in Radda in Chianti, let’s visit Casa Porciatti.

Wine Tasting in Tuscany by Car

Self guided wine tour

If you like driving, having your own time, you can visit more farms in one day. Take time, because they are not a run and run. Many allow you to sit, taste. Always think about booking first if you want to be sure of availability

Tasting their wines on the spot and maybe visit the winery and vineyards is an awesome opportunity You can visit  better known wineries such as Castello d’Albola

or Rocca di Castagnoli with its beautiful series of barrels in an ancient  fortified structure.

Otherwie lets’ visit a family run winery, like Casanuova di Ama.

Organzied Tour

If you are traveling without a car or prefer the idea of leaving the driving to someone else you can find  a lot of suggestion on  travel platforms, just check how many people there are going to be in the tour.

With a private driver

Otherwise you can contact authorized drivers who can accompany you to different farms, more or less known, where the owners will give you all the explanations. You can discover fantastic wines even if less known.

You can easily ask Giorgio,Daniele or Angelo  to know what they can organize for you.

Toscana Mia

We have created a different Wine and Food Tasting, just driving to a winery to taste and learn more about Chianti ,followed by dinner in a real Italian home to complete the immersion in local life.

Oh I forgot. You can buy wine on the farms, the price is better and they can deliver you bottles to your home.

Alla salute ! Cheers! Cin Cin !Prosit ! Salud!

4 thoughts on “How do you visit a winery in Tuscany ?

  1. Nel blog parli di Moscato d’Asti e Fragolino, ottimi ma molto diversi da un Chianti Classico.Hai mai provato la Vernaccia di san Gimignano ?


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