Sometimes after a long day of walking or work  in Florence,we want to indulge ourselves in a little “stravizio”(extravagance), “peccato di gola”(the translation “a sin of gluttony” sounds too strong), a little sweet treat.

So, why not try every day a different place.

Perchè no? Historic gelato shop near Piazza Signoria, it is absolutely a must.Traditional artisanal gelato with a nice selection even for vegans.

Gelateria Perché no?

Gelatarium, near Piazza Duomo,a new place that offers the possibility to create your gelato, and sit in a nice blue like the sky enviroment.

Don Nino, in Piazza Duomo ,good for gelato and perfect for having cannoli. Remember that  sitting in a café in Piazza Duomo can be a  little bit more expensive ,but worthwhile .

Caffè dei Neri, another historic place near Piazza Signoria, very renowned for its sweets and ice cream.Let’s try the traditional Florentine Buontalenti flavour.

Venchi, if you are fond of chocolate, you cannot miss it for a delicious chocolate , chocolate bars or pralines.

This is not a sponsored post.