Have you ever wondered how to use Parmigiano rinds  ? Considering the cost of Parmigiano( and we’re talking  about the special real one), throwing them away breaks your heart? Allora: no waste: The possibilities are so many.

The first thing we need to do is to scratch the outer part of the rind with a knife, so as to eliminate the mark.Only at this point will it be ready to be used in many different ways.

Broths and soups

Broths, soups and velvety are often served with a sprinkling of grated cheese. If you like the flavor given by cheese and want to turn it on even more, you can also add Parmigiano rind cubes.

You can add them in your broth or soup when cooking it,may be with a little pasta for soups.

With the heat, in fact, they will begin to soften and make the dish irresistible.

Grilled cheese rind

Another very greedy solution is to grill the cheese rinds.

A hot grill will be enough or, if you have the possibility, you can put them on small skewers and cook them for a few minutes directly on the flame.

This is our grilling way in the fireplace .

They will be an excellent idea to complete an outdoor barbecue and you can’t imagine how good is the smell they release all around .

Here we offer them on the grill with sausages.

Pasta Sauce :Cheese rinds with dried tomatoes

Scrape and clean the Parmigiano rinds, cut them into strips of about 1 x 5cm and cook them in a saucepan with  white wine. When they are tender, keep them aside. Make a light stir-fry with a little oil and garlic” vestito “(peel on).

Sauté the dried tomatoes ( the ones usually kept in EVOO) for a couple of minutes and cut into strips, add the soft rinds and sauté over low heat not to melt the cheese too much. Remove the garlic and finally add the freshly drained pasta.


It is also possible to cook the rinds in the microwave or fry them.

In the microwave 50 seconds on a dish and they are ready with a beautiful cheese smell all around you.

Buon Appetito.