After so many years teaching Italian Cooking, I had forgotten, or better put aside the everyday necessity of lunch in the office .”Back in my day”, it was not common to eat in the office, most of the time you couldn’t eat in the office, and you had an hour for lunch.

Nowadays things are changing, and I noticed my daughter’s schiscetta, this is an old Milanese name for lunch box, that is now very common in Italy. She was doing well with her first days of work bur every evening she was deciding what to prepare for the next day. We made a list of possibilities,including healthy food and good looking food: first for the body second for the Spirit.

From now on, I’ll try to share more and more ideas you can use according to your taste and personal way of eating. With my daughter it’s easy, she eats almost everything……. apart from  Brussels sprouts and broccoli.

1- Black / white / red rice. Rice is one of the most versatile cereals in the gastronomic reality. It is one of the ideal meals for office lunch because it’s perfect hot or cold. An idea: boil the rice and when it is cold season it with salmon ,sweet corn, black olives, salt and pepper.

2- Pasta. For those who are tied to tradition and do not want to give up pasta, you can opt for cold preparations. A classic example can be that Insalata di pasta with celery, garlic, tomato

3 – Frittata. The frittata is one of the classics of lunch away from home: it is practical, not dirty, it is quick to prepare and easy to eat. For those who need more energy, it is good to make it with potatoes. For the more attentive to their diet, instead of potatoes you can use vegetables . For those who do not have to “talk to customers”, a delicious onion frittata is also delicate.

Ingredients for two persons:1 onion,3 eggs, EVOO, salt and pepper and if you like some pancetta

Slice the onion and the pancetta. Pour a spoon of oil in a pan, cook the onion and pancetta till soft.

Beat the eggs with a pinch of salt in a bowl, pour them on the cooked onion.

Cook the frittata shaking the pan. When the frittata is thoroughly cooked at the bottom,  flip the frittata to cook it on the other side. Serve it hot or cold.

4- Bread like crostini. Instead of buying a sandwich make it at home with healthy ingredients

 You could slice the bread, spread with chopped dried tomatoes and pecorino cheese

5-Mixed Salad, this is the must, and there are many possibilities

Chickpeas Salad .Cook the chickpeas and let them cool down. Otherwise, buy canned chickpeas of excellent quality, wash them very well. Season them with oil, salt and pepper and a little lemon juice, and mix tuna, tomato and avocado.

Arrivederci, to the next list for excellent lunchtime.