We’re so excited to finally present to you our brand new courses we’ve been working on for the past couple of months.

Two months ago, we started thinking about how to teach cooking to all our friends all over the world, and we started our homemade videos. We are very proud of them: they are homemade, considering that none of us has ever studied how to make videos, how to check the lights, the voice. For some funny reason, we had the extra lights available, a good phone, an Ipad and a  cute small Pivo. After the first attempt, we realized we needed a microphone, and that was the last order delivered fast by the biggest sale platform in Italy.

Ingredients, we’re lucky as we live in the country, so they’ve always been available, especially the typical traditional ones. Oh no, we were fortunate as we had already quantities of flour and yeast as they were the first to disappear from the shelves.

So we started: oh mamma mia. Those of you who know us, know also we do not like so many pictures so you can imagine how embarrassing it was to be in a video. And nobody in front of us. Different from our traditional classes. Then: we thought to have our friends in front of us, with all the possible questions they usually pose us. That’s what happened after the first published video: questions, requests by email, FB and others.

Photo by Martin Lopez on Pexels.com

Thank you to all of you for being with us. We started a new adventure, and it is funny, exciting.

Now I call my sister “my Fellini” and my daughters insist I would have to make up for videos. 

This experience with videos is our new adventure.

And now next to our Cooking Classes in Chianti and in Florence we have

*Free Cooking Classes on Youtube Toscana Mia Channel 

*Homemade Italian Cooking with Italians online with many extra materials

* Italian Cooking Class  Live on Skype

* Italian Language Class  Live on Skype

Please, have a look at them on Toscanamia.org join us in this new experience, and we like it so much if you have a suggestion.

Let’s cook and speak Italian together!

P.S:This adventure of ours is a typical example of true Italian spirit and passion.Ciao