Today, June 24 the day was full of work: we celebrated the Summer Solstice (June 21)  and St. John’s Day, once called Herb Day.

What does it mean to celebrate these days in Italy?

We consider June 24 and  the Summer Solstice to be the most potent days of the year to harvest medicinal plants  and fruit for various uses.

Today we have collected hypericum,  called also St John’s-wort.

It’s an excellent plant for ointments :the reddish oily extract of Hypericum perforatum has been used in the treatment of wounds for millennia,

At midnight, we’re going to hang  it out of the house for good luck .Since medieval times, the herb has been hung over doors, windows and icons to safeguard against harm and sickness.

Then we collected lemon verbena, sage,  and rosemary to be dried and always ready in winter.

Finally the walnuts to make the nocino liqueur, which will have to stay 40 days in the sun.

Salute!Cheers !Cin cin!Prost! Kanpai !