For the past World Meat Free Week we have gone through the hundreds of traditional Italian vegetarian dishes and realised some of them, with absolutely organic vegetables.

Thinking of our bell peppers,peperoni,capsicum ,baked in the oven with breadcrumbs.Simple but extra easy dish.

With the Summer availability of melanzane,eggplant,aubergine,we tried our rolled ones with some cheese and tomato sauce.

In Tuscany we can never forget our best way to recycle old bread with Panzanella,basically with tomatoes, onions,basil, EVOO but possible also cucumbers and capers.

A fresh salad with chickpeas and fresh vegetables.

A savoury cake with zucchini, courgettes.Easily available can be served in so many ways.

A nice fresh crostini with herbs such as mint and tarragon, some tomato.The use of herbs is great for the final taste and many times herbs are also a help of our health.

And we complete with a small finger food perfect for parties, Bicchierini Tricolore

Try one of these dishes and let us know.Buon Appetito !