Summer is the best season for something fresh, thirst-quenching: fruit gelato.

To offer gelato to friends, make a great impression, the best solution is to take some time off and make a frozen cake.

If you already have the ice cream machine, you have probably read our post about vanilla ice cream. Making gelato at home is good for the budget but also for the quality because you know what ingredients you use.

And then you need a metal container with openings on the base. See the photos below.

Make the vanilla gelato recipe. Mix  200 gr. of berries  in the blender,

then add it to the vanilla gelato.

Magnificent ice cream with berries.Spread it on the base of the mold and then the mold to freeze for at least 3 hours.

Then make a vanilla gelato and add some delicious strawberries inside. Here we used Fabbri strawberries.

Cover the first layer of gelato with this  . A minimum of 3 hours of freezing.

And now a simple vanilla gelato. Cover the other layers with this.

Three hours later you can  serve a magnificent iced cake, simple and inexpensive. If you choose more decorations, the effect is even greater.

Surprise your friends with a slice of gelato cake.

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