Serve 4/6

Difficulty Easy

Prep Time   15  minutes

Cook Time  10 minutes

How many times at the last minute you would like to prepare a pasta sauce different from the usual ones?

Why not using those taste sun dried tomatoes preserved in the jar?


Pasta 400 gr.= 2 cups

Dried tomatoes in oil 100 gr.= ½ cup

Cloves of garlic 2

Hot red chilli 1

Parsley 1 bunch

Dried Oregano 1 tsp.

Basil 1 tsp.

Extra Virgin Olive oil 2 tbs.

Fine salt  1 tsp

 Chop parsley and basil.

Pour one tablespoon of the oil from the dry tomato’s jar and 2 tbs. of EVOO into a pan

Add garlic

Chop coarsely the dried tomatoes and add them into the pan

 Light the heat the moment you put the pasta to cook.

Add the salt to a pot filled with boiling water and put the pasta into it.

 Let the pasta cook al dente.

Light the heat under the sauce and season with fresh hand-chopped basil, dried oregano and the coarsely cut chilli.

Drain the pasta and add it to the pan with a ladle of cooking water.

 Stir well and finish with chopped parsley.

Serve the pasta with the warm dried tomatoes.

One small final suggestion,if you do not produce your own sun dried tomatoes, buy the dried ones in a package ,treat them as we explain in the blog and preserve them in a good extra virgin olive oil.Less expensive and for sure the best extra virgin olive oil quality .

Have you ever tried ?