The Tuscan peposo, apparently was invented by the kilns of Impruneta, in fact it is known both as Peposo dei fornacini, or Peposo from Impruneta.

Impruneta terracotta is very famous (jars,  amphorae, bricks and tiles): the kilns (ie the people in charge of cooking bricks in the kilns) used to put the meat in a terracotta pot and place it at the mouth of the oven so that it could cook very slowly. After a few hours the meat was ready!

The type of cooking requires a meat like muscle which, with its fatty veins and its calluses, will become soft during cooking. In any case, it is essential that cooking is slow and prolonged, it can take place in the oven (at 160 °) or on the stove but in any case it will take at least 2 hours

I cook it in a pot, using a piece of coccio/terracotta, alternatively you can use a cast iron pot to retain the heat and release it slowly ensuring a tender and tasty meat.

Ingredients for 3 people

– 1 kg = ca. 35 oz.of young beef muscle (with veins of fat and callosity)

– 6/7 cloves of garlic

– 3 glasses of Chianti red wine

– 1 tablespoon tomato concentrate or 3 tbsp. tomato puree

–  fine salt

– black pepper in grains

– ground black pepper

Take the muscle

Cut it into pieces for a stew, having the care to make not too small pieces (because in cooking they withdraw a lot)

Put the meat in the pot with the peeled garlic cloves and add the wine; do not add oil (unless the meat is very lean)

Add 1 tablespoon peppergrains

Then the ground pepper

Salt and pour the tomato puree or tomato concentrate melted into water

Add water to cover the meat

Turn on the gas and cook covered to a minimum of hours  or 2 hours and a half,stirring from time to time.

When the meat is soft remove the lid and have the sauce withdrawn;  the peposo must be well withdrawn, creamy and very soft.

Serve it sprinkled, if to please, with more ground pepper.

Oh, I was forgetting :

this is a glass for wine

and probably you easily understood it :in Italian Pepper is Pepe and Peposo means peppered.This dish is absolutely peppered!