In this season the herbs are at their best and the sage is a good example. We cultivate also what’s called sage maxima, so we can get large leaves. As an appetizer, to be served with a aperitif these  large leaves  are perfect to be fried, really deep fried.

20 sage leaves

10 gr flour00/all purpose

1 glass wine

1 glass water

2 egg-whites

Seed oil (sunflower, peanut oil )

Salt, pepper

Mix the flour with wine and water to obtain a batter.

 Beat the egg whites and  fold them into the batter.

 Add salt and pepper.

 Leave  the batter aside for one hour

 Dip the sage leaves in it,one by one

 Fry in hot oil until golden.

Suggestion :You can add an anchovy ,roll the sage leave, dip the sage leaf in the batter  and fry it

And now we have our  Nuvole di Salvia, Sage clouds