Traditional Tuscan Crostoni al Cavolo Nero-Black Cabbage Bruschetta

Now it’s the time for cavolo nero, black cabbage .We’ve been already talking about this beautiful typical Tuscan vegetable.

We cook it in Tuscan Ribollita,in Farro Beans  Cabbage Soup or we even make a cavolo nero pesto wtih it.Today something simpler to be served next to a meat or fish or cheese dish.It’s extremely filling anyway .It’s even more complete served with some cooked beans on top .

Serving 10 persons

!/2 Onion 3 bunches of cavolo nero ( black cabbage or monster cabbage )

Extra virgin olive oil ½ liter broth 2 garlic cloves

10 slices  of Tuscan bread salt , pepper

5 tbsp.cannellini beans cooked al fiasco or normal

Wash the cavolo nero carefully and remove the large stems.

Cut the leaves in strips.

Slice the onion

Sauté  the sliced onion in a casserole and add the cabbage. 

Add some tablespoons of hot broth . Simmer for about 20 minutes. Taste for salt and pepper

Toast the slices of bread, rub them with a clove of garlic and then  arrange the cooked  cabbage on them with some of its broth.

Serve immediately. 

It’s possible to add on top some  cooked  beans, especially cannellini  beans.

2 thoughts on “Traditional Tuscan Crostoni al Cavolo Nero-Black Cabbage Bruschetta

  1. Cabbage bruschetta is one of my favorite dishes among all. The recipe that you have added in this article will make it easier to make this dish for ourselves. Thank you for sharing it with us.


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