Mint is a very common herb in Italian cuisine, it can be used  both fresh and dried. Aromatic herb to be used to flavor dishes: excellent as a condiment for salads, vegetables, legumes and cereals, perfect for zucchini and eggplants.Less used than parsley but very appreciated as refreshing.

Many times it is used as a complement to a dish such as with Lemon sorbet

Sorbetto al Limone

5  lemons 200g sugar 400g water Lemon zest 2 drops Vanilla extract

Cut the lemons, squeeze out the juice, remove the insides and place the lemons in the  freezer. 

Mix the lemon juice  with the  sugar,  add lemon zest. in a small pan. Bring to the boil. 

When it is cold pour into the ice-cream maker for about 30 minutes. ,until it reaches the right consistency.

Fill the lemons with the sorbet  and serve. 

Mint is also perfect combined with other herbs in dishes such as Crostini alle Erbe

The dried mint leaves can be used together with lemon juice or zest to create an aromatic summer drink, simply by preparing an herbal tea which will then be left to cool.

 Rubbing fresh mint leaves on the fingers can help eliminate bad smells left on the fingers by garlic or onion.