In Italy, we love cooking with lemons or making lemon liqueurs, lemon sorbet. This fruit grows in many regions in Italy. In the South, for instance, in the area of Positano lemons are planted in the soil outside. In the centre of Italy, like here in Tuscany, we cultivate them in vases which  have to stay inside  in winter 

Apart from cooking and liqueur, lemons have so many excellent characteristics as they are full of vitamins. When we have used them, squeezed them, we have  not to  throw  them away

Let’s think about the possible uses of a lemon step by step

1. we use the lemon for our recipe, we grate the lemon zest and cut the lemon in halves and squeeze the lemon  as we need the juice for our recipe.Have a look at our recipes listed below.

2. we rub the lemon halves on our elbows and knees or heels to give more elasticity to the skin. 
it has a softening and protective effect on the skin: it purifies it and helps repair lesions and redness

Years ago in  Funny Girl, Barbara Streisand did it  sitting in front of a cute  toilet table

3 .one  half of the  lemon goes in our washing machine to clean the inside and give a pleasant lemon smell 

4. the other half of the lemon in the refrigerator to absorb  bad smells 

5.  the day after the two halves  find a place in the  compost

Any different idea how to use a lemon? Isn’t a lemon life useful? 

 And for the lemon lovers, have a look at our recipes with lemons:

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