After trying to offer recipes on our blog ,and thank you to all of you following us,and the  youtube experience we have tried something different:

An entire course online ,you can find us on Udemy with the name HOMEMADE ITALIAN COOKING COURSE WITH ITALIANS

The advantage is the possibility to learn on your schedule with and in-demand course.

Explanations and recipes  will lead you to organize an entire Italian menu  with simple, traditional and Tuscan recipes.  

These videos can be reloaded and last forever and, even better, we’ll add new information. For sure we’ll periodically upload new recipes and content.

We are satisfied with the work done especially for videos and sound  which are  very good ,considering we’ve produced everything by ourselves. We’re just a little critical about we two sisters :as actresses  we look too serious. Next time we’ll do better. It’s so strange to explain recipes without having  an audience in front.

Anyway even if you do not  have any previous cooking experience, have  a look at it ,please.


If you like to buy the Course click here for a Coupon.