When we have friends visiting us we like to serve Apulian taralli .They are an excellent aperitif accompanied perhaps by a glass of red wine or a snack for a tasty break in the office. Their combination with cold cuts and cheeses is also highly appreciated.

Taralli can be flavored to your liking based on the tastes or desires of experiments: onion, chilli pepper, olives, fennel, pumpkin, poppy seeds, dried tomatoes.

The important thing to get a good result is to follow step by step what is suggested in the traditional recipe of the homemade Apulian taralli. The preparation is simple, but obviously your manual skills in the realization of the same will increase by gaining experience. 

500 g of 00 flour  /plain/all purposes flour                100 ml of water                  150 ml of extra virgin olive oil

50 ml of dry white wine                salt to taste                   fennel seeds or other spices at will

 Create a fountain by placing t flour on the work surface or in a bowl.

• In the center of the fountain pour oil, wine and a pinch of salt. Eventually add the other ingredients you have selected to flavor your taralli.Here I chose fennel seeds.

• Knead well going to obtain a completely homogeneous mixture.

• Divide the dough into portions going to form cords that you will cut at a distance of about 6-8 cm.

• Take the ends, join them and form a ring.

• Start preparing the oven by heating it to 200 °.

• Separately boil salted water and pour in the taralli, a few at a time,

extracting them when they rise to the surface

• Subsequently, after this operation, place them on a cloth to dry 

and then bake them in the oven after having placed them on an oiled pan on a tray covered with parchment paper

• Leave to cook for about 20 minutes, until they are golden brown.

Serve them hot or cold. Be sure they’ll be a success !