Minestrone/vegetable soup, is a typical dish of the Italian family tradition and when it starts to get colder it is always appreciated. Nowadays it has also reached a greater consideration because it is very healthy.Anyway,every family has one or two traditional recipes followed for generations.This is the easy recipe in our family.

1 tsp. Fine salt                 1 bouillon(possibly homemade)                    2 brown onions

2 tomatoes                       1 potato                                                             1 zucchini/courgette

 2 celery  stalks                 2 carrot                                                              3 leaves swiss chard

 Bunch of arsley             1 small leek                                                           ¼ savoy cabbage

To prepare the vegetable minestrone, start by washing and drying the vegetables

 Then cut all the vegetables into slices of equal thickness and – if you prefer – into cubes of about 1 cm per side.

Heat a little oil in the pot, then add all the vegetables and mix them in the oil for 2 minutes.

Cover completely with water, add salt and start cooking. Continue to simmer until the water has reduced. It will take about 1 and a half hours.

 You can serve it as a soup with hot bread croutons perhaps or with the addition of rice or, with small pasta,

and with a nice spoonful of grated parmigiano.

Can you smell this comfort food ?