For 4 persons     

 8 slices of raw turkey breast                                    2 tbs. Extra virgin olive oil

8 slices of hard cheese                                         10 Fresh sage leaves

1glass of white wine                 2 cloves of garlic              Fine Salt and pepper

Chop garlic and sage on a chopping board

Put the slices of cheese on each slice of turkey.

For the preparation of this recipe,we opt for semi-hard cheeses that, in contact with heat, tend to melt For a smoked and refined taste we try the scamorza, for a softer flavor instead we prefer sweet provola or fresh provolone. For those who love the most decisive flavors, the best cheeses could be emmenthal, asiago, fontina or even taleggio.

 The rolls will be delicious both eaten lukewarm, with their heart of melted cheese.

Add some chopped sage, salt and pepper

Roll up the roll and close with cooking twine or toothpick

Pour the oil in a skillet, when it’s hot, add the turkey rolls.

Let them cook for 5 minutes, turning them

Blend with white wine. Let them cook other 5 minutes.

 Serve with a side dish of vegetables

. We can also replace turkey with chicken or veal.