November,we are ready:family ,friends all together ready to pick the olives .But today it’s raining so hard that for a couple of days we cannot pick the olives to make the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and the  day is wet and sad.We need some good food to warm us up: ribollita .

I suggest you to try it, it takes a couple of hours but most of it is cooking time

200 g “cannellini” beans

1 Onion 

1  Leek

1 carrot

2 cloves of Garlic

 A bunch of Parsley

50 gr. Pancetta( you can avoid it)

 2 swiss chards

200 gr green beans

1 Savoy cabbage

4 Potatoes

2 zucchinis/courgettes

 A glass of Tomato purée

20 leaves “cavolo nero” ,black cabbage ,dinosaur kale(without the harder central part)


15 slices of Tuscan Stale Bread                                                  

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Leave the beans in water with a pinch of salt  for at least 6 hours.

Cook the beans in a pot with olive oil, onion and salt and water (ca.15 glasses)

Lightly fry the onion,garlic,parsley and pancetta in a large pot.

When golden brown add  a glass of tomato purée.

Slice  the vegetables  in big pieces,wash them.

When the  tomatoes purée  boil  add the vegetables to it

First add the  harder vegetables and then the softer ones.

After 5 minutes season with salt

During cooking add 5 or 6 ladles of the bean broth

When the vegetables are almost soft, more or less after an hour, add half of the cannellini beans pureeing them.

Leave to cook for at least half an hour till all of the vegetables are soft.

 Prepare  a layer  with some slices of stale bread in a large bowl.

Add olive oil and then cover with a layer of the cooked vegetables.

 Continue making layers of bread and vegetables.

On top pour the other half of the cannellini beans.

 Now you have a “zuppa di pane” (bread soup),which is already very good.

Pour some olive oil in a frying pan ,add the “zuppa di pane” and cook it until a slight crust forms, if possible.

Now you have your ribollita.

As you see ,do not expect a soup with the liquid. It’s a soup  as you added the broth from the  beans, but  now you don’t see it.Buon Appetito !