When I was a child at the cinema we turned into rodents and peeled with our teeth toasted pumpkin/butternut seeds, also called semensine, brustoline, bruscolini

Later these seeds were replaced by popcorn, but you can always buy packets of them at the supermarket.

Pumpkin or Butternut Squash Seeds

Rich in vitamins and mineral salts, ideal as a snack breaks hunger, versatile ingredient and to try to embellish bread, sandwiches, salads: toasted pumpkin seeds are very easy to make at home and are also an excellent zero waste recipe. Recommended, like other seeds, to those who prefer a healthy and balanced diet, toasted pumpkin seeds respond to the ancient rule of “one after the another” but they can also be stored for a long time.

Toasted Seeds

Here’s how to toast them in an air fryer.

 If you clean the pumpkin to prepare a sauce for pasta (click here for the recipe),biscuits(click here for the recipe), vegetable cube (click here for the recipe),you remove the seeds, do not throw them away: you can make them crispy and perfect for a snack or together with yogurt or with muesli.

Clean the inside of the pumpkin. It is enough to press a little on the seeds with a knife and they come off the filaments of the pumpkin. Clean them by removing all filaments.

Boil them 5 minutes in water. And then toast them in an air fryer ,even easier and less expensive than an oven.

Cook them 15 min in an air fryer at 180°C/350°F

 You can enrich your seeds with a pinch of aromatic salt or some chopped aromatic herbs.

Perfect to be served with Roasted Chick Peas (click here for the recipe)

Ecco Fatto! There we go! Good snack !