World Pulses Day,great day to remind everybody  the  nutritional benefits of pulses(also known as legumes)but as Italians we were in trouble understanding the difference with legumes,only because in Italian pulses are simply called dry legumes/legumi secchi:dry beans, dry peas,lentils and chickpeas.

Anyway it’s a great day because in Italian cooking the use of pulses is so common:by themselves ,in a pasta sauce or next to meat or fish .In our food tradition eating pulses is part of our everyday life.

Here are a few ideas to cook with pulses.Click on the name of the dish for the recipe.Buon appetito !

Roasted Chickpeas

First image up there

Creamy Vegetarian Soup Bordatino

Fancy Healthy Lentils

Chickpeas Cabbage Soup

Lentils Pasta Sauce

Chickpeas with cod

Just ask for beans on the blog and you’ll get some traditional Tuscan recipes. Happy healthy pulses!