For the International Legumes Day we think of Chickpeas and  Savoy Cabbage Traditional Italian Soup

Serving 6 persons

200 gr.=1 cup dry chickpeas

2 lt = 8 cups Vegetable broth

Half green  savoy cabbage

2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil

fine Salt

-Soak the chickpeas in water for 6 hours with a teaspoon of salt

-Drain the chickpeas

-Pour two tbsps of oil in a pot and add a quarter of onion. On the stove, medium temperature

-Add them to the pot and after two minutes add the broth. Add a pinch of salt

-Boil the chickpeas in broth for an hour.

-Cut the cabbage into thin slices

-Add it to the chickpeas.

-Add two pinches of salt

-Cook for an hour.If the liquid is not enough, add some  water

So simple and so tasty.  It’s possible:

-to add some small  soup-pasta and cook for other ten minutes

-serve with  some slices of toasted bread

-some grate cheese on top.

So healthy,so good…and here some more ideas with legumes

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