Are you late in the  Valentine’s Day preparation? absolutely no problem .Let’s follow the new Italian Valentine’s big trend: skip the dinner reservation and cook up romance at home .

In Italy, San Valentine is most viewed as the day for lovers and therefore all attention is focused on this. There are conflicting positions for those who want and those who do not want to celebrate it, but the surprise of a romantic dinner is always welcome. Even if there are already children: they in bed and you light a candle, make a play list, chat into the night over a bottle of wine and a favourite dish, and then wind up dancing round the kitchen: what could possibly be nicer? 

Then a couple of faster recipes if you don’t have much time, such as chives crostini: remember that chives have aphrodisiac abilities.

For the same reason, I would also suggest a chickpea and avocado salad, because they also give this characteristic to avocado.

Then a delicious panna cotta that melts in your mouth

Saffron panna cotta with strawberry and chocolate.

But if you want to show off a little bit , also think of ravioli with spinach and ricotta filling, in a beautiful romantic shape

Serve with a mushroom sauce.

Hey, aren’t you forgetting something? Rush out to buy a Prosecco to start and a  bottle of great Chianti to stoke the embers of romance. Happy Italian Valentine’s Day .