After so many years of “no change” in the way Italians ate it seems now we start changing something, more precisely we’re starting including in our meals also a few things were not popular before. 


Eating out in Florence with Italian friends we noticed that a traditional Restaurant Acqua Al Due is still a must. Known more than 20 years ago for the “great idea” to serve a  first dish composed of various plates of pasta to give people the possibility to taste multiple sauces, still maintains it. 

It is really an excellent idea as it gives you the chance of eating pasta with truffle or  tomatoes and also different varieties of pasta


On the counterpart the  Quinoa, a lovely gluten-free restaurant. At lunchtime, you’ll see a lot of Italians who work in offices in the centre of Florence.

Sincerely lovely if you need GF but also if you don’t. They have beautiful dishes such as Pad Thai, Quinoa Cous Cous, Sefardita with Yogurt.

They also serve Tuscan dishes but, here you’ll meet Italians who are looking for something different.

Then we have to consider people who have not a lot of time or students, and you would be surprised how well they want to eat anyway and how nice the place has to be.

You can stop for a mixed salad dish at Rosalia; they also serve new varieties of well- known pokes.

Otherwise stop at Shakecafè, inside it looks great with so much light, a friendly environment:

good brunch with Acai Bowls and lunch with healthy vegetable salads.

Then if you dare to stand up to eat something great or you rented a place with an oven or microwave stop at Sicily Food da Chiara in Piazza San Marco: unbelievable how nice they are, how many Sicilian dishes you can enjoy and take away.

Jumping from one place to the other  gave me really  the idea of  my Italy working ,studying, a little running but always asking for good food.

If you are looking for other restaurants in Florence  have a look at our older post Where to Eat in Florence with Locals.