First of all, arm yourself with patience

More than ingredients you need tools: 

400 gr. = 14 oz. dark chocolate

 Cutting board



kitchen thermometer 

marble slab





Easter egg mold

To prepare the dark chocolate Easter egg, start with the tempering of the chocolate: chop the dark chocolate.

 Melt it in a bain-marie (it is preferable that the water of the pot fades the bottom of the pot in which you put the chocolate)
  when the chocolate has reached a temperature of 54 °C/129.2 °F(measured with the kitchen thermometer), dry the bottom of the pot where the chocolate is  (keep boiling water in the pot underneath) and pour 2/3 on a marble slab placed on a work surface (the marble slab serves to dissolve the chocolate faster and reach the ideal temperature) 
Start working the chocolate on the slab with a spatula and a scraper, laying it on the surface. When it has reached 28° C/82.4°F (always measured with the kitchen thermometer) , transfer it to the bowl where you have left the remaining 1/3 of chocolate and mix . Chocolate must reach 31°C/87.8°F. If the temperature drops too low at these stages, always keep the bain-marie pot handy with hot water, to heat the chocolate slightly. On the contrary, in case it is still too hot, repeat the operation of spating on marble with a small part of the chocolate.

Pour the chocolate thus obtained in the 25 cm  /9.8 inch Easter egg mold by spreading the chocolate evenly with a rotary movement causing the chocolate to reach the edges. After a minute turn the mold upside down on a tray collecting the excess chocolate. Beat the edges of the mold to remove the air bubbles, then let it crystallize for about 20 minutes. When it has slightly solidified , remove the edges of excess chocolate  with a scraper to finish them off. Then pour the excess chocolate back into the mold, repeating the rotary movement to distribute it evenly. Crystallize again about 20 minutes, then remove the edges as in step  if necessary and have the chocolate firmed

Then pour the excess chocolate back into the mold ,repeating the rotary movement to distribute it evenly. Crystallize again about 20 minutes, then remove the chocolate spikes if necessary and have the chocolate firmed for 2-3 hours. If the outside temperature is above 20°C/ 68°F you can store the mold in the refrigerator. When it is well crystallized, you will find that there is no more chocolate attached to the mold and you can gently draft the two halves of egg by putting a slight pressure on mold. You can also delicately beat on the mold with the back of a knife(delicate !)

Insert the surprise and unite the two halves with some melted chocolate.

Hold on a few minutes, the time for the parts to seal.

The dark chocolate egg is ready to be gifted and then enjoyed on Easter day.

 Such a satisfaction:you’ll feel like a Maitre Chocolatier .

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and Chocolate Easter Nest.