With the arrival of cold, maybe even snow, the time comes for some hot soup. Hot bowls are always a comfort food for everyone and there are many types. A bowl with a nice soup gives the possibility to enjoy some food that warms your stomach and  Spirit.

 Some nourishing recipes to feel better in Winter are ideal and Tuscany is the perfect place to get ideas for soups. Really Tuscany is the Italian region that offers a variety of soups, probably because of the wide use of vegetables and legumes.

Of course, the first one we have to name is the Tuscan Ribollita. It’s not a soup with a lot of liquid. It’s quite thick but so tasty with many vegetables, beans, and bread

If you prefer something faster to prepare and with more broth let’s try a Tuscan Easy Minestrone

If you like chickpeas you would have to taste Chickpeas and Cabbage Soup

 And to broaden the use of typical Tuscan ingredients, Farro Beans Cabbage Soup is a perfect healthy match.

All the links will bring you to the recipes. Try at least one soup to warm up with Italian warmth