The first thing a Tuscan watches on a dining table is the olive oil bottle. In the first place it must be strictly extra virgin olive oil and good  quality, and if we are in Tuscany , it absolutely must be from the territory. Maybe it can be from another region that produces oil, such as Liguria or Umbria or Puglia.


Most  Tuscans are so lucky to have a small plot of olive trees or a relative or friend that produces oil, so  they can be very selective. If the Tuscans don’t  like the oil, they are  not going to use it at all.

When you are in Tuscany take the opportunity to taste a variety of extra virgin olive oils,to learn about D.O.P. labels,to eat with E.V.O.O. and learn how to use it to improve your capacity on choosing the best one  for you. Tasting more and more olive oils you will learn  how to appreciate them at best, and your buds and health will thank you.


Olive oil is produced in November, but it is harder to visit production places during that time of the year,because of the strict laws by the Health Ministry.Anyway most wineries  produce olive oil, and so you can enjoy  wine and olive oil tasting in the same places

The best way to appreciate the taste is for sure the traditional bruschetta

Bruschetta with Tomatoes at Toscana Mia

Ah, do not forget not to ask for E.V.O.O.: just a few Italians know  what it means, and everyone loves the redundant sound of the name “ Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva “!