Bolognese Sauce is a Ragù.Ragù means a meat-based sauce, cooked slowly, over low heat, just like the Neapolitan ragù,

which however chooses different cuts of meat in pieces, instead of already grounded/minced.

This preparation takes time and excellent ingredients, but it’s easy.

The traditional Emilian recipe was filed at the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna, but each

family has its own recipe and several variations.

1 medium onion                  

1 stalk of  celery                     

 1 carrot                    

 3 spoonful of tomato concentrate sauce 

3 spoonful of extra virgin olive  oil                    

400 gr. lean ground  beef

100 gr. Ground pork  or  pork sausages            

15 gr. dried mushrooms(optional)

salt, pepper (as much as you like )                       

1 glass  red wine

Chop  onion, carrot and  celery. Sauté them in oil-a traditional “soffritto”- in a sauce pot.

Italian sauce,soffritto

Add beef and pork, salt and pepper. Brown the meat.

Sprinkle with the wine ,allow to evaporate  and cook over  a medium heat  for an hour and a half.

If necessary ,add a glass of water.

Leave the mushroom in water for 10 minutes, then chop them.

Dilute the tomato paste in a cup with a little hot water and add to the meat sauce.

Add the mushrooms and then season with salt and pepper.

After bringing everything to temperature, it will take another hour of cooking on low heat.

Taste for correct amount of salt and pepper

Suggestion :

add 50 gr.Pancetta. Cut it into cubes, add it to the sauté and cook for 5 minutes.

If you like a more tomatoey taste  add a cup of tomato purée

This ragù is perfect with all the egg pasta,  ideal for lasagna and so good with gnocchi or polenta.

Traditionally served  with pasta ,it’s beautiful also on a slice of bread !