Autumn is the perfect moment  for Orecchiette alle Cime di Rapa which  now come into season.

This is an iconic  dish  made with orecchiette (“little ears”) in Puglia/Apulia in Southern Italy.

1 bunch turnip tops/broccoli rabe

2 tbs.Extra Virgin Olive Oil

3 cloves of Garlic

3 tbs.Breadcrumbs

3 anchovy fillets

Salt and pepper

Put a large pot of hot salted water on the boil.Wash the  turnip tops.Cook the turnit tops in hot water for ca. 10 minutes with a pinch or rock salt. 

If you like add a tbs.vinegar to avoid the smell of the cooking cime di rapa.

When you drain the cime di rapa keep their cooking water.

Heat the oil in a skillet.

Dissolve the anchovies and the garlic with the oil, in the skillet.

 Add the breadcrumbs and when they are golden add the boiled cime di rapa.

Toss them to coat  into the oil for about 15 minutes till they are soft like a thick sauce.

(If you wish, add a piece of peperoncino). 

Cook the pasta in the same water you have cooked the broccoli in. 

Drain the pasta and pour it in the skillet where the sauce is. 

Toss briefly,then remove from the heat  and serve with some parmigiano or pecorino cheese.

Suggestion :you can also use broccoli florets

And if you love this pasta  do not forget it can be good in a fresh Orecchiette  Salad

in summer with tomatoes, green beans and Parmigiano flakes….

When cooked they look great !

or Orecchiette with Gamberoni and Burrata.

Let’s try all of these orecchiette dishes !