This is the month we have beautiful tomatoes and it’s the best moment to prepare Tomato Passata/Tomato puree.It takes some time but  having juicy tomatoes, the effort is worthwhile.

Here is the recipe to make a traditional Tomato Puree/Passata, we can preserve for the whole year.

It’s impossible to imagine in how many Italian recipes we use Passata.First of all ,of courses, in pasta sauces  such as Salsa agli Aromi

one of the many hundred is the Traditional Tomato with Black Olives

Even in Soups we use tomato puree, like in the Farro & Beans Soup.

We use tomato puree/passata in bread making like in the Rotolo al Pomodoro

or the wonderful Pizzelle,which don’t last long(as everybody is eager to eat them)

and even in fish, for instance Baccalà con i Ceci,with chickpeas

Baccalà/salted cod with chickpeas

Don’t forget the use in poultry or meat dishes, such as Pollo Alla Toscana

or the traditional Polpette, the unmissable Meatballs

So many good recipes need Tomato Passata /Puree.Which is your favourite?the one you cook so many times ?