Pasta alla Norma is a first course with simple tastes and gestures, but it takes time to prepare it because of the treatment to the eggplant/aubergines.     Watch Toscana Mia Cooking School Youtube Channel.      

Summer dish par excellence, this sauce is perfect to be served  with a short cut pasta but , it’s beautiful served by itself or on a slice of bread.

With many variations throughout Sicily and around the world, we try to use a recipe that maintains its flavors without using  certain traditional ingredients not always available, such  as salted ricotta.

Last but not least, the name Alla Norma  certainly refers to the work of Vincenzo Bellini to say that this pasta dish is as superb as the Bellini’s opera or  it was  created the first  day  this opera was  presented in a theatre.

1 big or 2 small aubergines / eggplants                    fine salt  and rock salt             black pepper

Extra Virgin Olive oil                         2 cloves  garlic                                 250g peeled tomatoes

5 basil leaves               4 tablespoons grated Pecorino or Parmigiano or salted ricotta

Cut  the eggplants/aubergine into thin slices.

Leave them  in a colander or on tray, sprinkle them with rock  salt ,

cover them  with  cooking paper  for 1 hour to drain off their bitter juices.

 Wash the slices to get rid of the salt.

Chop the basil Crush the garlic.

Pour about 3 tablespoons of oil into a small pan, sauté the garlic cloves until brown. Cook the eggplant in the oil for ca. 10 minutes, till soft.

Break the tomatoes with a fork. Stir the tomatoes into the eggplant,  and cook for 15 minutes.

 Add salt, pepper and basil to taste.

Serve at once with plenty of additional grated cheese

Watch Toscana Mia Cooking School Youtube Channel