When in Tuscany eat Desserts/Puddings


Vanilla Gelato with Amarene @ Toscana Mia Cooking Class

If you call it dessert, pudding, afters or sweet it does not matter  : at the end of  a more important meal in Italy you need a” dolce”


Biscotti di Prato or Cantucci, traditionally with almonds, to dip in the special Vin santo wine


Torta della Nonna (Grandmother’s Cake) – A pie-like Italian dessert traditionally filled with crema pasticciera (custard) and pine nuts.


Tiramisù is maybe the most popular dessert among Italian specialties and it cannot miss for any Italian party. Tiramisù is a fairly recent creation but Italians like so much refreshing” spoon dessert”( eaten with a spoon) eaten  at the end of a typical Italian meal.


Gelato,in British English Ice cream, no description for this experience. Probably the Fiordilatte  (light vanilla flavoured) with a sweet cherry  on top  or chocolate  small pieces.So many new flavors every year.Don ‘t forget the Gelato Festival .


Italian Panna Cotta This popular Italian dessert is usually served with melted chocolate, a wild berry sauce or caramel sauce.                      Buon Dolce !!!

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