Bruschetta al Pomodoro,Tagliatelle con Salsa ai Funghi,Stracotto al Chianti,Biscotti di Prato con Vin Santo

As you know, Toscana Mia =My Tuscany is our way to introduce foreign friends to the typical Italian way of eating .The setting of the menu follows the meal standard with various dishes, served one by one. We already talked about this in our previous blog.

With Italian meals, there is a specific structure cultivated over centuries of eating that is a master class in how to best enjoy food and company.Organising a menu has always been considered an orchestration.

At Toscana Mia, every day is a different menu 

Cherry tomatoes and garlic

When we organise a list for a class we take into consideration:

-seasonal ingredients (i.e. artichokes only in winter and spring)

-preparation time (making pasta takes time, so it’s not easy to match with a long time dessert, we don’t want to overstress participants )


– local ingredients  ( fresh and tasty fish is not readily available in the country so we cannot always  cook it)

– requests(vegetarian, food allergy such as lactose allergy or necessity for gluten-free). In the same meal we can organise to have dish perfect for everybody.

Some of our menus are written in the copies we’ve taken pictures of. Then we suggest some dishes you cannot miss in our blogs about First Dish, Second Dish, Vegetable Dish, Dessert/Pudding .

Never forget we are glad to cook  various pasta sauces  such as our traditional Bolognese sauce, or Pesto sauce We do not deny our Risotto or Ribollita( traditional Tuscan Vegetable Soup)

As a second dish, we are glad about some swordfish, meat scaloppine with lemon, Balsamic Vinegar,Marsala Wine or some unforgettable sausages.

Vegetables are extraordinarily seasonal, but you can easily enjoy tomatoes, peppers, eggplants.

Do not forget that Tuscan people are called bean’s eaters because they eat a lot of fagioli

We love working doughs so some focaccias, bread and small pizzas will be a welcomed request.

Just to complete the meal:dessert/pudding with custard, ricotta cheese, extra chocolate taste.

Talking about all these dishes, we’re now starving.Buon appettito !